• FluxQR eliminates physical cards, enabling users to apply for credit on their smartphones and choose flexible repayment.
  • Streamlined process—sell, receive funds promptly and offer clients deferred payments without complex terminals.
  • It ensures businesses receive payments directly, minimizing financial risks with modest commissions per sale.

A Symphony in Every Transaction

Welcome to the harmonic world of FluxQR, where payments are not just transactions; they are a symphony of financial convenience. In this musical journey, FluxQR orchestrates a seamless experience, transforming the way we perceive payments.

The founding crescendo: Composing financial harmony

Picture this: Maximiliano Echeverria and Fernando de la Torre, like two virtuoso conductors, join forces to compose a financial masterpiece. In 2018, FluxQR was born, designed to bring harmony to the world of alternative payments.

This dynamic duo sought to build a payment network that embraced all 'Buy Now, Pay Later' (BNPL) options, ensuring every note of financial flexibility was played.

Funding overture: A symphony in financial backing

With a total funding amount of $1 million and the backing of investors like Orange DAO and Team Ignite Ventures, FluxQR sets the stage for a grand overture in the fintech industry.

This financial backing serves as the orchestra's conductor, guiding FluxQR's growth and ensuring that its melodic approach to payments continues to resonate.

Why FluxQR? The fintech sonata

FluxQR stands out in the financial symphony for various reasons:

1. No Cards, Only Chords: FluxQR eliminates the need for physical cards, offering a harmonious blend of convenience and flexibility. Clients can apply for credit through their smartphones, choosing the repayment terms that compose a financial melody tailored to their preferences.

2. Rhapsody of Simplicity: In a world often complicated by financial transactions, FluxQR brings a simple, elegant solution. Sell today, receive your funds promptly, and let your clients enjoy paying later – all without the need for complex terminals. It's the financial equivalent of a smooth musical passage.

3. Risk-Free Refrain: FluxQR ensures a risk-free financial serenade. Merchants receive payments directly into their bank accounts, with only a modest commission per sale. It's a reassuring refrain where the financial risks are minimized, and businesses can enjoy the sweet sound of financial success.

FluxQR's musical prelude

Embarking on the FluxQR journey is as straightforward as reading sheet music:

Step 1 - Fill in Your Details: Share essential information about your business, so FluxQR can compose the perfect financial score for you. Details about your business name, location, and where to deposit your sales set the stage for a harmonious collaboration.

Step 2 - Download the App: Whether from the App Store or Google Play, downloading the FluxQR app is like tuning your instruments before a grand performance. Even if your business doesn't have an app, FluxQR provides alternative solutions.

Step 3 - Let the Melody Spread: Communication is key. FluxQR assists in spreading the word about your newfound financial harmony. From providing materials to sales guides, FluxQR ensures that both you and your clients are in tune with the benefits of this melodious payment experience.

The encore

Users applaud FluxQR's financial concerto:

"Flux has always been very formal in complying with deposits and very orderly in its accounts." - Maria Luisa, Retail Manager for Grupo Herdez.
"The Flux team is always willing to help and has made us grow a lot with our clients with their innovation and quality." - Gerardo, BonnusCard CEO.

The grand finale

As the curtain descends on this financial symphony, FluxQR stands tall as the conductor of harmonious payments. Join FluxQR and experience the grand finale where transactions become a symphony of financial ease.

Sign up today for FluxQR – where every payment is a note in the song of seamless financial harmony, leaving businesses and clients alike applauding in unison.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa