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Corgea: Application Security with AI-Powered Fixes

  • Corgea, led by Ahmad Sadeddin, pioneers a new approach to application security, prioritizing speed, value delivery, and ease of use.
  • Corgea automates code fixes for vulnerabilities, saving time and resources.
  • Corgea aims to have more programming languages and continue being forefront of automated security solutions.

In the fast-paced world of technology, the race to innovate often overshadows the need for robust security measures. This is where Corgea steps in. Based in San Francisco, California, Corgea is a startup on a mission to transform how businesses approach application security.

Founded by Ahmad Sadeddin and a team of seasoned engineers and product builders, Corgea provides data privacy and security solutions that prioritize speed, value delivery, and ease of use.

A new approach to application security

Ahmad Sadeddin, CEO of Corgea, believes that security should be at the heart of every company's operations. Yet, many businesses struggle to keep up with evolving threats. To address this gap, Corgea was born - empowering every company to secure their code easily and effectively.

Fixing security issues before they cause incidents

One of the key challenges faced by security teams is the time-consuming process of fixing code vulnerabilities. It can take companies an average of 3 months to resolve a vulnerability, leaving them exposed to potential breaches.

Moreover, the cost of fixing vulnerabilities can range from $400 to $4,000 per fix, putting a strain on resources.

Corgea's unique approach

Unlike traditional security tools that focus solely on reporting vulnerabilities, Corgea takes a proactive approach by fixing them. By connecting to existing SAST & SCA tools, Corgea automatically writes code fixes for reported vulnerabilities.

This not only saves time but also reduces the burden on engineering teams, allowing them to focus on revenue-generating work.

Empowering security and freeing up engineering

One of the key benefits of Corgea is its ability to empower security teams while accelerating engineering velocity. By automating the code-fix process, it saves engineers up to 80% of the work needed to fix security issues.

This not only strengthens code security but also reduces fix times to hours, rather than months.


Corgea is not resting on its laurels. With plans to support more programming languages in the future, it is committed to being at the forefront of automated security solutions. As technology evolves, Corgea aims to evolve with it, ensuring that businesses can stay one step ahead of cyber threats.

In a world where cybersecurity is paramount, Corgea is hope. By revolutionizing application security with AI-powered fixes, it is changing the way businesses approach security, empowering them to secure their code faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively.

Edited by Shruti Thapa