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Breaking the Shackles of Education: Degrees of Freedom

  • Led by Chandell Stone and S. Aaron Andrew, Degrees of Freedom aims to revolutionize education, particularly for marginalized communities.
  • Degrees of Freedom offers a unique blend of on-campus, online, and in-VR learning, providing students with a well-rounded education.
  • Degrees of Freedom provides opportunities such as co-working spaces and internships, catering to students from various backgrounds.

In the realm of education, where the traditional path is often the only one illuminated, a new star shines bright. Degrees of Freedom, a beacon of hope for students from disenfranchised communities, is not just redefining education but revolutionizing it.

Imagine a place where the boundaries between online and offline, virtual and real, blur into a seamless tapestry of learning experiences. This is Degrees of Freedom, where the mission is not just to educate but to empower.

Founding Story

The saga of Degrees of Freedom began with Chandell Stone, a visionary with a passion for social change. Her journey, from serving low-income students in the Bronx and Harlem to founding Degrees of Freedom, is a testament to her commitment to breaking barriers.

According to Y Combinator S. Aaron Andrew, a stalwart in the realm of social entrepreneurship, joined forces to create a platform that transcends the limitations of traditional education.

A transformational approach

What sets Degrees of Freedom apart is its comprehensive program that offers freedom where traditional colleges force you to choose. It's like having the best of both worlds - the on-campus experience with dorm living, study groups, and weekend excursions, combined with the flexibility of online and in-VR learning.

This unique blend of experiences ensures that every student gets a holistic education that prepares them for the real world.

Empowering through inclusivity

At the heart of Degrees of Freedom lies a deep commitment to inclusivity and diversity. The program is designed to meet students where they are, whether on-campus, online, or in their community.

From co-working spaces to apprenticeships and internships, every aspect of Degrees of Freedom is geared towards empowering students from all walks of life.

Funding and future

With a team of seven dedicated individuals and funding from Y Combinator, Degrees of Freedom is poised to make a significant impact in the world of education (Source: Crunchbase).

As they gear up to launch their hybrid leadership program in the fall of 2022, the future looks bright for this groundbreaking initiative.

Degrees of Freedom is not just a university; it's a movement. A movement towards a future where education is not a privilege but a right. It's about breaking the shackles of traditional education and embracing a new way of learning that empowers students to become leaders in their communities.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa