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Andromeda Surgical: Navigating the Cosmos of Surgical Precision

  • Nick Damiano and Kartik Tiwari launched Andromeda Surgical in 2023, combining expertise in Medtech and autonomous vehicles.
  • Andromeda Surgical pioneers AI-guided surgical robots, minimizing human error and maximizing surgical outcomes.
  • With AI algorithms akin to GPS systems, it aims to revolutionize surgical precision, starting with urologic procedures.

In the vast universe of medical technology, where precision is paramount and innovation is the guiding star, Andromeda Surgical emerges as a beacon of hope for surgeons and patients alike.

Picture this: a future where surgical procedures are executed with the precision of a GPS-guided spacecraft, where human error is minimized, and where every incision is as exact as the trajectory of a shooting star. Welcome to the realm of Andromeda Surgical, where autonomous precision meets surgical expertise.


Imagine a world where surgical robots, infused with the power of artificial intelligence (AI), work seamlessly alongside skilled surgeons, enhancing their abilities and ensuring optimal patient outcomes.

This is the vision that Nick Damiano and Kartik Tiwari, the masterminds behind Andromeda Surgical, set out to achieve. Drawing from their expertise in Medtech and autonomous vehicles, they embarked on a journey to revolutionize the field of surgery.

The founding story:

Nick, a seasoned entrepreneur with a knack for Medtech, and Kartik, a pioneer in the realm of autonomous vehicles, joined forces with a common goal: to harness the power of AI to elevate surgical precision to unprecedented levels.

Their collaboration, fueled by a shared passion for innovation, led to the birth of Andromeda Surgical in 2023.

Setting a new course:

Andromeda Surgical’s mission is clear: to empower surgeons with autonomous precision, ensuring expert results with every procedure.

At the heart of their endeavor lies a smarter surgical robot, equipped with supercharged abilities and AI guidance. This robotic marvel aims to reduce human error, streamline procedures, and ultimately, enhance efficiency in the operating room.

The journey begins:

Andromeda Surgical’s maiden voyage focuses on a common urologic procedure, known for its superior outcomes but hindered by technical complexity. By integrating AI algorithms akin to a GPS, surgeons are guided with unparalleled accuracy, minimizing mistakes and maximizing success rates.

Charting a new trajectory:

Unlike traditional surgical robotics companies, Andromeda Surgical takes a unique approach, prioritizing AI-assisted decision-making over mere physical enhancements. While others focus on mechanics, Andromeda Surgical focuses on the mind, augmenting surgeons’ cognitive faculties to achieve optimal results.

Source: Andromeda Surgical

Medical, Robotics, and AI: hand in hand?

As Andromeda Surgical navigates the uncharted waters of medical innovation, it serves as a testament to the boundless potential of human ingenuity. With each stride forward, guided by the stars of technology and fueled by the passion of its founders, Andromeda Surgical brings us one step closer to a future where surgical precision knows no bounds.

In the vast expanse of the medical cosmos, Andromeda Surgical shines bright, illuminating the path toward a new era of surgical excellence. Let us join hands in this cosmic journey, as we chart a course towards a future where every surgery is a masterpiece of precision and every patient's well-being is safeguarded with unwavering certainty.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa