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An Opening to Gaza Incidents with Snap Map

  • Snapchat's Snap Maps feature is being used as a platform for sharing real-time eyewitness accounts of social unrest in Gaza.
  • Journalists in Gaza are facing extreme challenges because of a lack of resources.
  • Snapchat's Our Story feature makes it more difficult to spread false information, as it encourages users to capture real-time events.

Snapchat has emerged as an alternative source of eyewitness accounts during social unrest in Gaza. The globe is following firsthand reports of the humanitarian situation in Gaza via Snapchat, of all places, so that it may be seen in real-time.

Amid calls for a ceasefire, X and TikTok users are urging their followers to utilize Snap Maps. This feature has been displaying various areas of intense activity in northern Gaza since the Israeli airstrikes commenced last month. 

At least thirty journalists have lost their lives due to Israel's bombardment and complete blockade of the region. Journalists in Gaza are stating that the absence of dependable access to food, water, and electricity is making it extremely challenging to carry on with their reporting. 

In 2017, Snap Map was introduced as a tool for sharing locations. It enabled users to view their friends' Stories. Moreover, users could add their content to "Our Story," a public archive of stories from popular locations that appear as hotspots on a heat map. 

Snap maps and stories are a valuable source of up-to-date information for the world.

Snap Map’s public stories

Snapchat makes it harder to spread false information through Our Story compared to platforms like X or TikTok. While users can share content from their camera roll on their personal Stories, it cannot be included in Our Stories. To increase the likelihood of being featured in Our Stories, Snap encourages users to capture real-time events.

Edited by Shruti Thapa