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TazkerAI/Lumina: The Symphony of AI and Human Power

  • Aswin Andrison and Tri Ahmad Irfan orchestrated TazkerAI/Lumina, combining tech prowess with FMCG logistics expertise, drawing from experiences at global giants like Twitter and McKinsey.
  • Lumina secured undisclosed Seed funding from Alpha JWC Ventures, fortifying its mission to innovate AI+human-powered workflow automation for various industries.
  • Tazker AI, Lumina's AI+human-powered automation service, conducts a seamless symphony, blending human expertise with automation, starting at USD 13/hour, fostering efficiency and flexibility.

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, where automation and human intelligence dance in tandem, TazkerAI/Lumina emerges as a maestro orchestrating a symphony of efficiency, innovation, and seamless collaboration. Let's embark on a journey through the realms of this dynamic startup, exploring its roots, unique offerings, and the visionary founders steering the ship.

A tale of innovation and scale: Founding story

The story of TazkerAI/Lumina begins with the visionaries, Aswin Andrison and Tri Ahmad Irfan. Aswin, with a background in computer science and chemical engineering, co-founded TazkerAI on the foundation of Lumina, an autonomous AI+human-powered workflow automation for the physical industry.

Tri Ahmad Irfan, with a rich history in revolutionizing FMCG logistics and supply chain, joins the Lumina journey after building the GudangAda engineering team. Together, they bring a wealth of experience, from startups to global giants like Twitter and McKinsey.

Lumina's funding symphony: A seed to growth

Every startup needs a financial symphony to fuel its growth, and Lumina is no exception. In a funding round on Jan 24, 2022, Lumina raised an undisclosed amount in Seed funding from Alpha JWC Ventures and other strategic investors. This infusion of funds becomes the melody that propels Lumina's mission to new heights, expanding its reach and impact.

Tazker AI: Elevating automation with human touch

Lumina's growth extends to the global stage with Tazker AI, a bespoke AI+human-powered automation service. In a world buzzing with mundane, repetitive processes, Tazker AI steps in to cater to various use cases in data ops and complex workflows. Imagine automating your business processes, not just with cold algorithms but infused with the warmth of the human touch.

Unlocking efficiency, one task at a time

Tazker AI's symphony starts at a humble USD 13/hour, supplemented with human-in-the-loop at USD 2-6/hour. Managed by dedicated service managers under a prepaid credit system, Tazker AI offers optimum flexibility. No arduous contracts, no minimum commitment—just a harmonious blend of automation and human expertise.

From operations support to content moderation, Tazker AI unleashes a wave of efficiency that allows businesses to focus on their core and grow faster, better, and cheaper.

TazkerAI services: A melody of productivity

Tazker AI's services span a wide spectrum, each note contributing to the symphony of productivity. From high-quality data annotation to human-in-the-loop solutions enhancing AI systems, and operations support to lead enrichment, TazkerAI caters to diverse needs. Imagine transforming your business with an on-demand workforce that seamlessly adapts to your rhythm.

How it plays: A four-step harmony

The TazkerAI experience unfolds in four simple steps. Consult for free, activate with Tazker credit, monitor the progress with regular updates, and evaluate. Happy with the results? Scale up, and the symphony continues. It's like conducting a grand orchestra where each task seamlessly integrates into the larger composition.

The unbiased encore: Beyond automation

In the grand finale of our exploration, it's crucial to emphasize that TazkerAI/Lumina isn't just about automation—it's about redefining how businesses operate. The true value lies not just in the algorithms but in the careful orchestration of AI and human intelligence. As businesses globally seek efficiency without sacrificing the human touch, TazkerAI/Lumina stands as a beacon, showing that the symphony of technology and humanity can create a harmonious future.

In the vast landscape of technology, TazkerAI/Lumina isn't just a startup; it's a symphony that harmonizes the digital and human realms, creating a melody of efficiency and growth.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa