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Provision: Streamlining Construction Contracts with Innovation

  • Founded by Luigi La Corte and Brendan Ardagh, Provision redefines construction with automated document analysis.
  • Streamlining document complexities, Provision transforms contract analysis, gaining praise for its efficiency and risk mitigation.
  • It acts as a project co-pilot, identifying risks swiftly, benefiting pre-construction and legal teams, ensuring security with SOC2 certification, and revolutionizing the construction landscape

Decoding Provision's genesis

In the intricate world of construction, Luigi La Corte and Brendan Ardagh, co-founders of Provision, brought forth a groundbreaking solution. Luigi's seasoned experience in civil engineering and project management coupled with Brendan's entrepreneurial stint lay the foundation for Provision's vision.

Unveiling the construction industry's conundrum

The construction domain grapples with a staggering annual spend of $500B, a chunk devoured by document complexities. Enter Provision, aiming to transform this landscape by eschewing the laborious manual document parsing. Their aim? To unveil obligations, mitigate risks, and bolster compliance seamlessly.

The backstory: A tale of industry insight

Drawing from years entrenched in the construction realm, Luigi and Brendan united under Y Combinator's umbrella in December 2021. Their shared frustration with the industry's inability to comprehend document intricacies birthed Provision—a tool revolutionizing contract analysis.

Provision's embrace: Rave reviews from the trenches

From Jeff Irwin, Senior Estimator at M. Sullivan and Sons, lauding Provision's integration into daily workflows, to Nick Mucci, CEO of Mavcor, likening it to a turbo-charged 'Control+F' for critical documents, the accolades echo the tool's transformative impact.

Provision emerges as a project co-pilot, skillfully navigating irrelevant sections and spotlighting crucial aspects. It offers instant risk identification, guiding users through contract reviews, specifications, and supplementary conditions with unparalleled efficiency.

Who benefits from Provision's expertise?

Pre-construction teams find a goldmine in swiftly identifying risks and mission-critical data, ensuring informed bid submissions. Legal teams relish the templated risk review process, diving deep into intricate deals, and reconciling supplementary conditions—virtually automating the process.

Security: The cornerstone of trust

With SOC2 certification, data integrity and security are enshrined. Every feature undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring high-quality, battle-tested intelligence, and safeguarding data integrity across projects of varying scales.

The promise: Profits retained, processes accelerated

Provision doesn’t just streamline; it revolutionizes. Retaining $20,000 per project and speeding up project reviews tenfold, it's not just a tool; it's a game-changer in the construction landscape. It isn't just a solution; it's a catalyst for change in the construction industry. It's not just about parsing contracts; it's about empowering teams, mitigating risks, and fostering seamless operations.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa