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PipeBio: The Bioinformatics Cloud for Scientists

The Danish startup PipeBio, a no-code, cloud-based SaaS platform, was founded in 2020 by Jannick Bendtsen and Owen Bodley.

  • PipeBio aims to provide a single platform that enables scientists to discover better drugs, faster.
  • Backed by Y Combinator and by Founders VC, PipeBio is specially designed for antibody discovery.
  • PipeBio's user-friendly cloud platform empowers scientists, even beginners, to analyze massive DNA sequencing data

Bioinformatics is a field that decodes the complex language of genes and proteins into actionable insight. It develops methods and software tools that analyze and interpret vast amounts of biological data.

With such data, diseases can be understood at the molecular level thereby streamlining the development of new drugs.

This is no easy task, however, it demands combing through multiple databases which is time-consuming and requires intensive resources.

What is PipeBio?

PipeBio is a managed cloud platform for bioinformatics, and sequence analysis primarily focusing on antibody discovery.

The Danish startup PipeBio, a no-code, cloud-based SaaS platform, was founded in 2020 by Jannick Bendtsen and Owen Bodley.

Jannick and Owen met and also worked together at Biomatters, together they were able to create a software product enabling labs to execute their projects in a fraction of the time.

Their shared desire Jannick and Owen to help the scientific community discover novel drugs and cure the world's worst diseases, leading them to create PipeBio.

PipeBio's platform is a game-changer for researchers, empowering even those with little to no coding experience, to analyze massive amounts of DNA sequencing data.

A process that initially required a team of bioinformaticians or programmers can now be done at the click of a button.

PipeBio's key features include:

  • Being a cloud-based platform allows one accessibility from anywhere with the internet, eliminating the need for on-site hardware that is not cost-friendly.
  • It is highly visual enabling the overlay and filter of information from different sources across the organization providing clearer insights.
  • Due to its user-friendly interface, scientists need not rely on programmers and can analyze the data individually.

PipeBio Joining Hands to Accelerate Drug Discovery

Since its creation, PipeBio has not only been contributing to advancements across the medical field, it has also been collaborating with other companies to do the same;

  • TrueBinding, a clinical-stage biotherapeutic company, streamlines its analysis of large-scale single-cell data from its research through PipeBio's platform. Which has helped speed up and scale up analysis on-demand to identify promising antibody candidates faster.
  • Isogenica, specializing in single-domain biotherapeutics, utilizes the PipeBio platform to analyze its synthetic antibody libraries. This collaboration allows Isogenica to use its synthetic antibody library to its fullest, which speeds up the development of effective antibody drugs.
  • Abalone Bio's, a preclinical biotherapeutics company, integration with PipeBio supports its antibody drug discovery efforts in targeting difficult membrane proteins and enabling regulation of previously inaccessible anti-cancer or anti-inflammatory activities.

These collaborations with companies in various therapeutic areas show PipeBio's platform's versatility.

PipeBio will be attending 11 antibody therapeutics conferences in 2024 taking place in the US, Europe, and Asia focusing on antibody discovery and engineering, therapeutics, and biologics drug development.

Edited By Annette George