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Vinnie AI to rescue in Construction Industry

  • The construction industry is undergoing a tech-tastic revolution with AI reshaping its future.
  • Newmetrix introduces 'Vinnie' AI, a safety superhero with predictive analytics and safety monitoring.
  • Oracle's acquisition of Newmetrix aims to accelerate AI adoption in the construction sector.

Here is the breaking news for all construction aficionados! They should definitely put on their hard helmets and embrace the tech-tastic revolution that is reshaping the construction industry. Artificial Intelligence (AI), of course! We need AI more than ever to handle the mind-boggling complexity of modern construction, especially as cityscapes soar higher and infrastructure proliferates. 

Imagine this: AI swooping in with its data-crunching prowess and pattern-spotting wizardry, like a futuristic genius. It's like having a construction wizard on steroids, improving safety with a wink while streamlining workflows and cutting expenses! predictive upkeep? Check! autonomous equipment? Of course!

It's a building spectacle in which AI assumes the role of the ultimate project manager, managing activities like a circus master and creating real-time risk analysis more quickly than a magician can produce rabbits out of hats. Let's embrace the AI Renaissance once more and work to create the future. A future that promises something in some or the other way!

How did Newmetrix come into the picture?

Coming back to enthusiasts of construction, it was in 2015, that a company called was founded and later rebranded itself to Newmetrix. The two statements from the founder - Josh Kanner, are more than enough to describe why he chose to be an inventor in this industry i.e. filled with labor and many employment opportunities as well. 

“The industry’s serious injury and fatality rate hadn’t improved substantially since 2008, and we thought this technology could help change that,” 
“We also knew that companies were already collecting a wide variety of data we could analyze in new ways to help make sure more people go home safely every day.” 

One of the very interesting features of Newmetix is their ‘Vinnie’ AI.  In simpler words, the construction world has its very own wise and knowledgeable friend, just like Winnie the Pooh: Vinnie. 

What is Vinnie AI?

Vinnie AI is similar to a bright student who studied countless construction images to understand everything there is to know about risks and safety. It can spot over 100 safety dangers in photos, such as someone working at a height, guardrail issues, a lack of safety equipment, or even complex problems with how people are standing or moving.

But what's this? Vinnie is not finished yet! It's on a thrilling journey to investigate Predictive Analytics, the upcoming data magic! It is comparable to Pooh's ability to predict the future through its honey-hunting prowess.

The Newmetrix team spent three years training this new magical module with centuries' worth of data, collecting information on occurrences, payroll, safety observations, and even weather.

With the use of all this information, Vinnie can even foresee where accidents will occur! On building sites, it's like it has a crystal ball that keeps everyone secure. Amazing, isn't that? The Newmetrix team is creating a better and safer future with Vinnie by its side! (Source: Newmetrix

Like your favorite characters from any fun cartoon series, Newmetrix is like a friendly squad of safety superheroes with three incredible tools to keep everyone in the construction industry safe and engaged. (Source: Newmetrix)

Predictive analytics come first. It's like you have an extremely wise fortune teller on your side! This ingenious technology examines every project and magically identifies the 20% of those that may experience 80% of the events over the course of the following week.

And what's this? It goes further than that! Even detailed action plans are provided to lessen the hazards. It distributes all this crucial information to the project teams and senior managers every week to make sure everyone is aware of what to do to stay secure.

Meet Safety Monitoring, your loyal companion, next. This helpful person acts as a watchman by constantly monitoring the construction site. Like a super AI detective, it scans the most recent photographs from the workplace to identify safety risks and appropriate safety practices.

In order to keep safety at the forefront, it then emphasizes the areas that require the greatest attention each week, igniting fresh debates within the team. The best thing, though? Predictive Analytics is strengthened even further by the combined power of the data from this hero and the Safety Observations tool!

Say welcome to Safety Observations last but not least! Everyone on the job site is inspired by this tiny hero to become a safety reporter. Like playing a fun game, you score the dangers you observe—both positive and negative—without any negative emotions.

No more labels! Instead, it ensures that everyone's opinion is heard and encourages appropriate safety behaviors. Anyone can hop in and start making safety observations and participating in the safety dialogues because it is so simple to use.

Growth of Vinnie AI

With such amazing features of problems and solutions - Newmetrix has made its way in post-COVID time successfully by proposing software that would help CCTV owners to acknowledge defaults properly. (Source: Wired) I can’t resist but mention that they are opportunity grabbers be it covid or their recent collaboration. 

As of October 2022, Oracle has acquired the products and intellectual property of Newmetrix. This merger has been beneficial to both parties. It is because Oracle’s construction cloud and Newmetrix construction technology would just mean low-risk reduction but anything. 

Although machine learning and AI-powered predictive analytics have been offering insights to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics, the construction sector is still in its infancy.

The staff at Newmetrix is convinced they can change this by working directly with their clients. The Construction and Engineering Business Unit of Oracle employs the same client-centered methodology:

"If you're a client thinking about data strategy, data integrity, and quality data security alongside us, we can make this industry move a lot faster. It's a journey together."

—Roz Buick, SVP Product, Strategy, and Development, Oracle Construction, and Engineering.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa