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Navigating Tomorrow: Traverse Technologies in the Engineering Frontier

  • Founded by Thet Lin Thu and Eugene Huang, Traverse automates complex tasks in civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, blending human expertise with cutting-edge technology.
  • The founders' backgrounds in renewables and computer science merge to orchestrate a symphony of innovation.
  • WindDesk, Traverse's suite, offers Prospect, Measure, Monitor, and Predict for real-time project insights.

In the fast-evolving landscape of engineering solutions, Traverse Technologies stands out as a beacon of innovation and efficiency. Founded by Thet Lin Thu and Eugene Huang, this consulting firm has set its sights on automating the intricate tasks that define civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

The founding story: Where vision meets experience

Thet Lin Thu, the Co-founder and CEO, brings a wealth of expertise from his 9 years in renewables and power generation. His journey, marked by managing over 500MW of transactions in Southeast Asia, laid the groundwork for Traverse's mission.

Thet's experience with clients like E.ON and KfW adds a strategic layer to Traverse's approach. Co-founder Eugene Huang, the CTO, complements this vision with his background in computer science and a history of shaping innovative solutions at Garena Labs.

The birth of Traverse Technologies is akin to crafting a masterpiece. Thet and Eugene, the maestros, orchestrated a symphony that harmonizes human expertise with cutting-edge technology.

A team forging tomorrow's solutions

Jian Hao Koh, Head of Renewables, brings over a decade of experience, having led and supported more than 70 wind and solar projects globally. The team, including advisors like Andrew Affleck and Bernhard Raberger, boasts a collective experience that echoes Traverse's commitment to excellence.

Investing in tomorrow's expertise

The company's investors, including Douglas Parker and Susana Vivares, reflect not just belief but active participation in Traverse's journey. Traverse's journey is further substantiated by its funding history—seed rounds from Oyster Ventures and Taver Capital Partners in March 2019, followed by a significant undisclosed seed investment from VoLo Earth Ventures in April 2021.

Solutions: A symphony of innovation

  1. WindDesk - Prospect: Find the Sweet Spots:

Traverse's WindDesk Prospect promises to uncover the most lucrative wind farm sites. By analyzing data at both country and regional levels, Traverse employs a scoring methodology that aligns with industry standards. Imagine it as a treasure map, revealing the hidden gems for developers and investors.

  1. WindDesk - Measure: Precision in Every Detail

Measurement campaigns are the backbone of engineering projects. Traverse's WindDesk Measure not only plans and budgets these campaigns but actively optimizes them. The meticulous planning ensures maximum data recovery, turning uncertainty into an asset.

  1. WindDesk - Monitor: Data Vigilance 24/7

Data integrity is paramount, and Traverse's WindDesk Monitor stands guard. Imagine it as a vigilant sentinel, ensuring that measurement data remains pristine. With a 24/7 web-based dashboard, developers have a real-time view of their projects, making corrective actions a breeze.

  1. WindDesk - Predict: Real-Time Project Insights

Dynamic, on-demand assessments define WindDesk Predict. It's like having a crystal ball for your project's future. With the ability to perform unlimited updates and variations, Traverse empowers developers to align their projects with evolving conditions seamlessly.

What Sets Traverse Apart

  1. Exhaust All Permutations: Traverse doesn't just optimize; it exhausts every possibility. Hundreds of thousands of layouts and millions of cable permutations are scrutinized to find the perfect configuration.
  2. Direct to IRR / LCOE Optimization: Traverse's methodology provides a direct line of sight to the Internal Rate of Return (IRR). No haggling over scope—Traverse ensures clarity without additional costs.
  3. Truly Aligned Owners' Engineer: No more hourly charges or scope negotiations. Traverse stands as a true partner, offering unlimited revisions without variation orders.

Pioneering the future of engineering

Traverse Technologies is not merely a startup; it's a vanguard shaping the future of engineering solutions. As they continue to push boundaries, Traverse is not just automating tasks; it's crafting a narrative where technology and human ingenuity dance in harmony.

For those navigating the engineering frontier, Traverse Technologies is the guiding star, lighting the path to a more efficient, sustainable, and innovative tomorrow. With significant funding backing their journey, Traverse is not just a promise—it's a reality, here to transform the engineering landscape.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa