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Meta's Threads Goes Live in Europe

  • Meta's social network Threads is now accessible in the European Union, expanding its availability.
  • Users can browse Threads without logging in, but interactions like replying, liking, or reposting are restricted.
  • Threads is experimenting with ActivityPub integration, enabling posts to appear on decentralized networks like Mastodon.

After being launched in July, Meta's social network Threads is now accessible to people residing in the European Union. Mark Zuckerberg shared the news on Threads, stating that Meta is expanding Threads to additional European countries. 

The website offers a "Use without a profile" feature, allowing users to browse posts without logging in through Instagram. However, users won't be able to interact with the posts by replying, liking, or reposting them.

When Threads was launched in July, access to the social network in the EU was restricted to comply with the bloc's rules. Users could not download the app, and no web version was available to access posts through URLs. 

The official release of Threads in the EU happened after Meta's plan was reported by The Wall Street Journal last month. Threads placed a countdown timer on its website last week, indicating a December 14 launch in the region. 

During Meta's Q3 earnings call, Zuckerberg mentioned that Threads has less than 100 million monthly active users. The launch in the EU will help Meta reach that milestone. 

Zuckerberg announced that Threads is now experimenting with ActivityPub integration, allowing posts from the Meta-owned social network to appear on compatible decentralized networks like Mastodon.

Edited by Shruti Thapa