• Ammar, Abdullah, and Motasim blend expertise to compose Levers, a transformative SaaS platform targeting MENA B2B financial challenges.
  • Levers' solution orchestrates streamlined accounting, integrating seamlessly with major financial systems for real-time insights.
  • Witness Levers' impact across industries, fine-tuning financial health, accelerating collections, and nurturing financial harmony for startups.

In the bustling arena of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), startups navigate a financial symphony, where harmonizing accounts receivable, overcoming overdue payments, and orchestrating cash flow are key movements. Amidst this intricate melody, a trio of visionaries—Ammar, Abdullah, and Motasim—conceived Levers, a game-changing SaaS platform.

The Overture of B2B Finance:

Imagine the MENA B2B financial landscape as a grand overture, each note representing a challenge faced by enterprises. Levers steps onto the stage as the conductor, ready to transform discordant financial processes into a harmonious composition.

Founders: A symphony of expertise:

Picture Ammar, the mathematical virtuoso; Abdullah, the engineering maestro; and Motasim, the product management composer. Their diverse notes blend seamlessly, creating a symphony of skills poised to address the financial crescendo experienced by startups.

Levers' sonata: A closer listening:

Enter the Levers' Sonata, a composition designed to automate manual accounting intricacies. Its integration with financial systems echoes precision, providing real-time insights that resonate with startups seeking a financial cadence.

Journeys: A melodic prelude:

Ammar's venture capital prelude, Abdullah's engineering interlude, and Motasim's product management preface converge to form the melodic journey behind Levers. It’s a musical composition of experiences shaping a vision for simplifying the financial score for startups.

Revolutionizing the financial symphony:

Picture Levers as the avant-garde composer, revolutionizing the financial back-office. Its crescendo manifests inefficient accounts receivable management, offering startups a symphony of financial oversight.

Integration: Harmonizing financial systems:

Witness Levers harmonizing with accounting systems like Odoo, SAP, Zoho Books, Xero, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and QuickBooks. The integration is seamless, ensuring a seamless flow of financial notes, and fostering reconciliation.

Practical allegro: Real-world crescendos:

In this allegro movement, explore real-world crescendos where Levers orchestrates financial harmony across diverse industries. It accelerates collections, fine-tunes workflows, and ensures financial health, creating an opus of success.

Coda: The finale

As we reach the finale, envision Levers as the concluding coda, leaving a lasting resonance in the hearts of MENA startups. It stands as a testament to innovation’s role in orchestrating financial harmony, transforming the MENA B2B financial symphony into a masterpiece.

In this musical journey, Levers emerges not just as a platform but as a symphony conductor, weaving financial notes into a harmonious melody for MENA startups. The financial symphony, once complex and discordant, now resonates with the cadence of success, thanks to the transformative notes played by Levers.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa