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KorrAI: Revolutionizing Ground Motion Monitoring

  • Led by Rahul Anand and Rob McEwan, KorrAI uses cutting-edge AI and satellites to monitor Earth's changes for various sectors, offering precise risk maps.
  • OGMS safeguards infrastructure, manages flood risks, and addresses mining consequences through comprehensive ground motion insights.
  • It aims to expand coverage and analytics, integrating diverse datasets for accurate ground motion monitoring, and ensuring sustainable risk mitigation in dynamic environments.

Unveiling ground movement

KorrAI's mission is clear: identify and monitor earth's surface changes, particularly subsidence, through satellite-based solutions empowered by cutting-edge AI technology. With its robust platform, KorrAI delivers swift and precise risk maps, enabling proactive decision-making across diverse sectors amidst a changing climate.

Meet the visionaries

The founders, Rahul Anand and Rob McEwan bring their expertise and fervor to the table. Rahul, a technology enthusiast and serial entrepreneur, blends computer engineering with a passion for AI-driven solutions.

Rob, transitioning from a professional hockey career to the geosciences, delves deep into image sensors, spectroscopy, and geospatial data.

Comprehensive offerings

KorrAI caters to various industries, providing critical services for:

Mining: Monitoring risks in open pit mines, subsidence prevention in large mines, and tailing storage facilities.

Linear Infrastructure: Safeguarding roads, pipelines, rail lines, and other linear infrastructures from active movements.

Critical Infrastructure: Structural monitoring around bridges, dams, airports, ports, and historical sites.

Natural Hazards: Identifying high-risk areas prone to landslides and volcanic activity.

Technology at play

KorrAI's technological prowess extends through auxiliary datasets and indices such as geological structural insights, mineral mapping, water quality assessments, and snow depth measurements. This rich dataset aids in comprehensive ground motion analysis.

OGMS - Open ground motion service

Their flagship service, OGMS, stands as a testament to their commitment to transparency and data accessibility. OGMS is a platform offering ground motion insights globally, emphasizing the importance of understanding subsidence, uplift, and progressive surface displacements for various sectors.

The power of OGMS

  1. Infrastructure Protection: Preventing damages to buildings, roads, and bridges caused by ground motion.
  2. Flood Risk Management: Identifying areas susceptible to flooding due to subsidence.
  3. Mining Impact: Addressing the economic and environmental consequences of subsidence caused by extensive mining.

OGMS: More than a basic service

KorrAI's OGMS provides basic services but offers tailored solutions with high-density coverage, precision, direction analysis, categorization, prediction, and seamless integration with other datasets and systems.

Future vision

KorrAI continually evolves, keeping innovation at the forefront. Their goal is to expand coverage, enhance analytics, and integrate diverse datasets to create a comprehensive and accurate ground motion monitoring platform.

Their groundbreaking advancements in ground motion monitoring stand as a testament to their commitment to a sustainable future, empowering industries to mitigate risks and make informed decisions in the face of dynamic environmental changes.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa