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Introducing Facio, Your Solution for Salary Advances

  • Facio offers a convenient and transparent solution to help you manage unforeseen financial events without the hassle.
  • Advance your salary with funds in your account within minutes, with fees starting at R$9.90 and an additional R$2.00 for instant deposits.
  • Available for those receiving a salary for at least three months from accepted banks, with potential credit limit increases based on responsible financial behavior.

In today's fast-paced world, financial emergencies can arise unexpectedly, leaving many in need of quick cash to resolve urgent situations.

Facio, a leading provider of salary advances, offers a convenient and transparent solution to help you manage these unforeseen events without the hassle and lengthy processes associated with traditional banking.

Smooth Access to Funds

Facio was founded by Márcio Vinicius dos Santos, Saulo Tristao, and Ticiano Vieira in 2019. It provides a simple way of advancing salaries through which your bank account can be credited within minutes.

By applying for as little as R$50.00 advances, you can meet current financial needs and return the amount after receiving your next salary payment.

It is made user-friendly so that you can enter your details fill them in; do a quick credit analysis and select whether you want money within two working days or instantly.

Affordable And Transparent Fees

A R$2.00 surcharge while facilitating instant depositing is added if the need arises making sure you receive the money within two minutes.

This honest fee structure reveals exactly what you are paying therefore it’s a good substitute for conventional banks that are often characterized by hidden charges since their inception.

Eligibility And Convenience

For one to use Facio services, they should have received a salary or benefit through an acceptable bank over a minimum period of three months including Itau, Santander, Nubank, Bank of Brazil, and Bradesco among others thereby enhancing it to serve a wide range of people.

In the same way, repayment is easy: On your salary payment day, repay the advance together with any applicable fees via Pix or bank slip using the Facio app.

Continuous Credit Improvement

Facio has a creative credit analysis system that continuously monitors your financial behavior and by managing your finances responsibly, reducing debts, and saving more you improve your chances of getting higher credit limits in the future.

It helps users to get better financial products with time therefore supporting them to improve their financial health.

Customer Testimonials And Satisfaction

With an over 82% satisfaction rate from more than R$100,000,000 of life-changing emergencies solved amongst over 180 thousand clients, Facio takes pride in its success.

Safe And Reliable

Security and transparency are at the heart of Facio operations. Transactions made through this platform are SSL secure and fully verified hence they are safe for your use.

For individuals experiencing hard economic times, Facio offers a dependable fast transparent solution for salary advancement enabling them to deal confidently with emergencies. Start now by visiting Facio.

Edited By Annette George