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Graysky Launches Subscription Service, Pioneering Revenue Model for Bluesky Apps

  • Graysky pioneered a subscription service, offering paid features to support the development of the Bluesky microblogging platform.
  • Graysky differentiates with customizable feeds, GIF support, and Twitter-like elements, showcasing rapid development.
  • Graysky's update introduces "Trending Topics," enhancing Bluesky's community dynamics and user engagement.

Graysky, a prominent third-party app for the Bluesky microblogging platform, has introduced a subscription service with its latest release. The move aims to generate revenue by offering paid features yet to be supported by Bluesky. 

Initially, users can personalize the app with themes and use DeepL for post translations. Upcoming pro-level features include custom app icons, polls, and post analytics. Graysky's subscription, priced at $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year, provides an optional way to support ongoing app development.

Graysky's differentiators and rapid development

Graysky stands out with its customizable feed selection interface, allowing users to prioritize specific feeds upon entry. The app surpassed Bluesky's official version by adding features like GIF support and plans to incorporate Twitter-like elements such as drafts, bookmarks, polls, etc. 

The recent update, accessible to free and paid users, brings notable features like a rebuilt post-composer screen, trending topics, Quick Actions, improved user suggestions, and enhanced performance.

A significant addition to Graysky's update is the "Trending Topics" section, reminiscent of Twitter/X, allowing users to explore popular discussions on Bluesky.

This feature contributes to making Bluesky's community feel more dynamic and engaging. Graysky Pro's subscription model signals a pioneering approach to sustaining third-party apps on the emerging Bluesky platform.

Edited by Shruti Thapa