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Google Maps Enhances Privacy Controls with Activity Deletion and Blue Dot Access

  • Google Maps introduces features for quickly deleting location-related activities and direct access to controls.
  • Users can view and delete specific place-related activities and access location controls directly from the blue dot.
  • Auto-delete for Location History defaults to three months, offering users more control over their data.

Google Maps is introducing new features to empower users with greater control over their personal information. Soon, users can quickly delete their activity related to specific places, including searches, directions, visits, and shares. The update also enables users to access location controls directly from the blue dot indicating their map position.

Effortless deletion and location oversight

The upcoming feature allows users to view recent activity associated with a specific place, providing a convenient way to delete information. Additionally, clicking on the blue dot will grant users access to location controls, displaying whether Location History or Timeline settings are active and if Maps has device location access.

Time-saving measures and default auto-delete

Google Maps now saves Time on the device for users who have opted for Location History. The auto-delete control for Location History will default to three months when first activated, a change from the previous 18-month default setting. These enhancements will gradually roll out on Android and iOS over the next year, with users receiving notifications upon account update.

Edited by Shruti Thapa