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Coupl: Uniting Finances, One Relationship at a Time

  • Founded in 2022, Bengaluru's Coupl is India's pioneering neobank for couples, merging technology and banking to empower millennial pairs financially.
  • Coupl's app swiftly sets up joint wallets and cards, simplifying shared expenses and enabling seamless financial management for couples.
  • Offering inclusive banking for couples at all relationship stages, it provides unique rewards and testimonials showcasing its positive impact on diverse couples.

Joint finances, joint goals

In a world where love knows no boundaries, Bengaluru-based fintech startup Coupl has emerged as India's first neobank catering exclusively to couples. Founded in 2022 by Srinivas Sarkar and Kushagra Manglik, Coupl's mission is clear: to empower millennial couples financially by seamlessly blending banking and technology.

The Coupl App - Simplifying shared finances

With a lightning-fast setup that takes only 30 seconds, Coupl offers joint wallets for couples, eliminating the hassle of managing shared expenses. The app allows couples to pool their money, supported by joint Coupl cards for spending both online and offline. No more arguments over splitting transactions; Coupl ensures that couples can effortlessly manage their finances from a single account.

Inclusive banking for every couple

Coupl recognizes that relationships come in various forms - newly married, long-term, or dating. The Coupl joint wallet is open to all, fostering inclusive banking for couples who want to share their financial journey. By providing a stress-free alternative to the traditional joint account, Coupl becomes a financial ally for couples at every stage of their relationship.

Shared rewards and real testimonials

The uniqueness of Coupl lies not only in its functionality but also in the rewards it offers. Every spending moment becomes an opportunity for couples to earn rewards, from complimentary airport lounge access to discounts on popular platforms like Zomato, Oyo, Netflix, and more.

Real couples, like Avi & Rebecca, Kush & Lisha, and Sanskar & Rishika, share their positive experiences with Coupl. Whether it's simplifying monthly budgets, enhancing travel experiences, or offering family banking solutions to the LGBTQ+ community, Coupl's impact is evident in the testimonials.

Transforming relationships, transforming finances

As couples navigate the intricacies of shared finances, Coupl stands as a reliable companion, streamlining the journey with its innovative neobanking approach. The app's success is further underscored by the backing of prominent investors like Y Combinator and Entrepreneur First, reflecting confidence in Coupl's vision.

In a world where financial empowerment is a shared goal, Coupl is more than just a neobank; it's a catalyst for creating financially savvy couples. As the platform continues to evolve, it strives to be the driving force behind a generation of couples who not only grow together in love but also have financial wisdom.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa