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Chatbiz: Revolutionizing Indonesian Commerce, One Chat at a Time

  • Founded by Terry Djony, Chatbiz harnesses Indonesia's conversational commerce culture, empowering businesses through personalized messaging technology.
  • Dedicated customer service, WhatsApp verification, 24/7 support, and business analytics are just a few elements that set Chatbiz apart, ensuring verified and seamless interactions.
  • From retail to HR solutions, Chatbiz's tailored platform has boosted productivity for various sectors, earning trust from national and international giants across diverse industries.

Meet the visionaries behind Chatbiz:

In the vibrant world of Indonesian commerce, one startup is making waves with its unique approach to business messaging technology. Enter Chatbiz, a brainchild of Terry Djony, a spirited ITB graduate. The journey began with a simple idea – embracing the culture of conversation that defines Indonesian businesses.

Indonesia's commerce culture: Where Chatbiz finds its roots:

In a nation where confirming with sellers before a purchase is second nature, Chatbiz steps in as the ultimate conversational companion. Think of it as your friendly shopping sidekick, making sure you're making the right choices, one chat at a time. After all, who needs a shopping cart when you can have a chat cart?

Innovating with society in mind:

Chatbiz isn't just about technology; it's about empowering businesses with social and cultural values. The team believes that to propel Indonesian businesses forward, they must embrace the proven method of commerce in Indonesia: social commerce through conversations. It's not just about transactions; it's about building relationships through the age-old art of conversation.

The Chatbiz difference:

So, what sets Chatbiz apart in this bustling landscape? Here's the lowdown:

  • Dedicated Service: Chatbiz is your customer service ally, offering a platform tailored to your business needs.
  • Consult and Design: They go beyond the basics, helping you design a customer experience that resonates with your audience.
  • WhatsApp Verification: Ensuring you're not just any chat, but a verified and trusted one.
  • 24/7 Support: Because customer service should never take a day off.
  • Business Analytics: Chatbiz doesn't just chat; it analyzes performance, giving you insights to scale and grow.
  • Uptime Commitment: With a whopping 99% uptime commitment, Chatbiz ensures you're never left hanging.

Chatbiz in action: Tailored solutions for every arena:

  • Retail Revolution: Take orders directly from WhatsApp. Kino mastered this, serving 30% of online transactions and maintaining a response time of under 5 minutes. Who knew shopping could be this snappy?
  • Pre-Sales Marvel: Solusindotama slashed lead qualification time to under 3 minutes with Chatbiz. Zoho integration makes coordination a breeze. Faster leads, happier customers!
  • HR Quick Fix: Bank Indonesia's Knowledge Sharing Portal uses Chatbiz to streamline service info access for new employees. Quick info for quick onboarding.
  • Transport Tango: Baraya Travel reduced problem-solving from 60 to less than 10 minutes. Booking, rescheduling, and customer queries – all managed seamlessly on WhatsApp.
  • Partnership Powerhouse: EdenFarm increased partner productivity, raking in weekly profits in millions. Chatbiz's automation for achievement and appreciation made it a win-win for all.

Trusted by the big shots:

Chatbiz boasts trust from national and international giants across industries like FMCG/Retail, Banks/Finance, Transportation/Travel, Startups, Automotive, and Social Communities.

The Chatbiz chronicle: From idea to impact:

In the news and on the move, Chatbiz's journey is peppered with milestones. Y Combinator injected a dose of confidence with an undisclosed seed amount in March 2021.

The media buzz started back in 2019 when Terry Djony, a student at ITB, launched Chatbiz to revolutionize UMKM businesses. The subsequent funding rounds in 2018 and 2019 were a testament to Chatbiz's promising trajectory.

More than tech – it's a cultural connection

As we wrap up our chat about Chatbiz, it's clear this startup is more than just bits and codes. It's a cultural connection, a nod to Indonesia's social commerce roots. Chatbiz isn't just changing how businesses operate; it's redefining how we connect, one chat at a time.

So, next time you're shopping online or getting quick HR info, remember – it might just be a Chatbiz conversation away from a seamless experience.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa