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Bitcoin Price Volatility Triggers Significant Market Movements

Bitcoin's price briefly fell under $60K on Friday and then rebounded. This fluctuation was critical as a further drop to $59K could have triggered the liquidation of approximately $243 million in long positions.

  • Bitcoin's price fluctuation, briefly dipping to $59,698, nearly triggered a massive $243 million liquidation of long positions, while $34.03 million in long positions were already liquidated amid geopolitical tensions.
  • Despite market volatility, Bitcoin investors significantly increased their holdings, adding 27,700 BTC to their accumulation addresses.

According to a media report, on Friday, Bitcoin's value dipped momentarily to $59,698 before climbing back up to $61,352. This is significant because a drop to $59,000 could trigger the liquidation of about $243 million in long positions.

Additionally, in recent hours, Bitcoin long positions worth $34.03 million have been liquidated. This financial activity coincides with reports from Iranian state media of explosions at Isfahan airport in central Iran, as covered by ABC News on April 19.

Meanwhile, in other developments, steadfast Bitcoin investors have added over 27,700 BTC, valued at a record $1.7 billion, to their ‘accumulation’ wallet addresses in just one day, as Bitcoin's price dropped below $63,000 earlier in the week.

For those unfamiliar with an accumulation address, it is a Bitcoin wallet that has never made withdrawals and maintains a balance of more than 10 BTC. These addresses are vetted to exclude those associated with Bitcoin miners and cryptocurrency exchanges.

Moreover, amid all the Bitcoin happenings, recently there have been worries about the profitability of the Bitcoin mining industry following the cryptocurrency's reward halving, leading to a downturn in Bitcoin mining stocks in the United States and abroad.

Edited by Harshajit Sarmah