• Amo, founded by ex-Zenly members, introduces Location, a utility-focused location-sharing app.
  • Amo's interconnected app ecosystem includes ID, Capture, and Location, with user privacy controls.
  • Location emphasizes utility and enjoyment, incorporating features like a knock-knock button for friend interaction.

Amo, the Paris-based startup founded by former Zenly team members, introduces its third app, Location, a location-sharing application. Designed as a utility and social app, Location aims to provide users with a mature and fun way to see what their friends are up to and spend more time together in real life. 

With features like a knock-knock button for pinging friends and carousel-style navigation between profiles, Amo seeks to recreate the appeal of Zenly, emphasizing utility and enjoyment. The app is part of Amo's interconnected social app ecosystem, which includes ID, a profile app, and Capture, a social camera app.

Amo's location-sharing app
The Friendly-Interactive Userface

Privacy controls across the Amo app ecosystem

Amo offers users privacy controls across its app ecosystem, allowing them to turn specific apps on or off for each friend. This ensures that users can selectively share content and location information based on their preferences. The introduction of Location adds to Amo's efforts to create a cohesive and engaging social experience, drawing on Zenly's success.

Edited by Shruti Thapa