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Ugaoo Cultivating Green Connections

Ugaoo, a green oasis in urban jungles, reconnects city dwellers with nature. Founded by Siddhant and Saurabh, it nurtures plants and people alike, fostering a community of green enthusiasts.

  • Ugaoo, founded by Siddhant Bhalinge and Saurabh Sameer, bridges the urban-nature gap.
  • Their online portal provides plants, seeds, and essentials, nurturing gardening journeys.
  • With over 350 plant varieties and sustainable practices, it fosters a community of green enthusiasts, aiming for a greener world.

In the bustling urban landscape, amidst the concrete jungle, Ugaoo stands as a beacon of green hope, much like a tiny seed planted in the soil of modern life. Founded by Siddhant Bhalinge, who returned to India after studying Landscape Architecture at Cal Tech, along with Saurabh Sameer - Ugaoo sprouted. It is from the fertile ground of his family's century-old agri-tech business, aiming to reconnect people with the natural world.

Sowing the Seed of Inspiration

Like a seed planted in the soil, Ugaoo started small but with a vision as tall as a mighty tree. Siddhant's return to India along with Sourabh marked the beginning of Ugaoo's journey, a journey that aimed to bridge the growing gap between urbanites and nature, offering a moment of respite in the busy lives of city dwellers.

Nurturing growth and greenery

Just as a sapling needs nurturing, Ugaoo nurtures its plants and customers alike. Through its online portal, Ugaoo offers a plethora of plants, seeds, planters, and gardening essentials, making plant parenthood accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

With this, they also receive a total funding of $2.5 M funding over three rounds. RPG Ventures and DSG Consumer Partners are the most recent investors.

What sets Ugaoo apart?

Ugaoo's commitment to quality and sustainability sets it apart, much like a mature tree standing tall in a forest. With over 350 varieties of plants, sustainable packaging, and a range of organic fertilizers, Ugaoo is not just a store but a destination for plant lovers.

Ugaoo's impact and vision

Ugaoo's impact extends beyond just selling plants; it's about fostering a community of green enthusiasts. Through blogs, plant subscriptions, and a range of resources, it supports its customers in their gardening journey, much like a tree providing shade and shelter to those around it.

In conclusion, Ugaoo is not just a business; it's a movement towards a greener, more connected world. Just as a tree grows from a tiny seed to a mighty canopy, Ugaoo aims to grow and nurture a community that values and cherishes the beauty of nature.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa