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Kobalt Labs Managing Risk Operations

Kobalt Labs leads Europe in risk ops automation. Their AI platform streamlines research, vendor management, and compliance, ensuring security and efficiency.

  • Kobalt Labs automates risk operations in finance and technology, serving as a "risk co-pilot" with AI-driven solutions.
  • The platform uses AI to analyze internal policies, contracts, and regulations, providing a comprehensive view of risks.
  • Founded in 2023 by Kalyani Ramadurgam and Ashi Agrawal, Kobalt Labs combines AI research & software engineering expertise.

In the fast-paced world of finance and technology, managing risks associated with third-party vendors is crucial.

Kobalt Labs, based in Europe, has emerged as a game-changer, offering innovative solutions to automate manual research and streamline risk operations.

Their platform acts as a "risk co-pilot," alleviating the pains of risk ops and empowering teams with superhuman capabilities.

Technical Details and Features:

The Kobalt Labs platform allows users to connect or upload internal company policies, past privacy and compliance assessments, and vendor contracts to the Kobalt Vault.

Using AI, the platform surfaces and triages risks against internal policies and external regulations, such as clauses in new vendor contracts that conflict with internal policies or recent laws.

Each risk is tracked along with its severity, providing a comprehensive view for effective risk management.

Founding Story:

Founded in 2023, Kobalt Labs is the brainchild of Kalyani Ramadurgam and Ashi Agrawal.

Kalyani, the CEO, brings a wealth of experience from AI research at Stanford and building financial security products at Apple.

Ashi, the CTO, has a background in software engineering at Affirm and has worked on reliability at Meta.

Their combined expertise has driven Kobalt Labs to become a leading player in automating risk ops for fintechs and banks.

Unique Features and Value Proposition:

Kobalt Labs stands out with its ability to augment existing workflows without the need for extensive integrations.

Their AI capabilities enable users to save hundreds of hours by automating the process of combing through documents, laws, fines, and policies.

Kobalt Labs is a partner in risk management, offering innovative solutions that empower teams and enhance operational efficiency.

With a focus on security, efficiency, and innovation, Kobalt Labs is reshaping the landscape of risk operations in Europe and beyond.

Edited By Annette George