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Draftbit Building Future of Mobile App Development

Draftbit is changing the game in mobile app development. Founded in 2018, this Chicago-based startup is on a mission to democratize software development. With Draftbit, you can visually design, build, and iterate on cross-platform apps, all without the need for coding expertise.

  • Draftbit revolutionizes mobile app development by democratizing the process for all, generating code as you visually design.
  • Founded by Brian Luerssen in 2018, Draftbit's platform is built on React Native and Expo, empowering collaborative app creation.
  • Recent $3.9M funding highlights confidence in Draftbit's vision to redefine app development, ensuring users aren't locked into their platform.

In the bustling tech landscape, where innovation is the currency and creativity is the key, a Chicago-based startup is rewriting the rules of mobile app development.

Founded in 2018 by Brian Luerssen, Draftbit is on a mission to revolutionize how everyone, regardless of their coding prowess, can build, launch, and iterate on mobile apps.

Mission and Vision

At the core of Draftbit's ethos lies a simple yet powerful belief: everyone should be able to turn their app ideas into reality, without the daunting task of learning complex coding languages.

They aim to democratize software development, making it as easy to create a high-quality app as it is to launch a website today.

The Draftbit difference

Unlike traditional app development platforms that often require starting from scratch when moving from design to code, Draftbit keeps you in the creative flow.

With Draftbit, you build your app visually, while simultaneously generating production-ready source code at every step. This means no more quitting and starting over, just seamless progress towards your app's completion.

Founding story

Before co-founding Draftbit, Brian Luerssen was the General Manager of OkCupid Labs, where he spearheaded new business creation for and IAC Personals.

Prior to this, he co-founded Quantitative Insights, a machine-learning-focused medical imaging and healthcare IT company.

Recent news

In November 2019, Draftbit secured $3.9M in funding through a Seed round, bringing its total funding to date.

This investment, led by investors like Floodgate and Fuel Capital, underscores the growing confidence in Draftbit's innovative approach to mobile app development.

Unique features

  • Code is at our core: Draftbit's platform generates production-ready source code based on open-source frameworks and libraries, ensuring you're never locked into their platform.
  • Built on React Native: Draftbit leverages React Native, the powerful cross-platform development framework used by millions of developers.
  • Powered by Expo: With Expo, Draftbit allows you to build for native iOS, Android, and web from the same codebase.
  • No Lock-In: Your project doesn't require a perpetual Draftbit license to run, giving you the freedom to evolve your app as needed.
Source: Draftbit

Draftbit is not just a tool; it's an ecosystem designed to empower individuals and teams to build exceptional apps collaboratively.

By transcending the limitations of traditional app development, Draftbit is paving the way for a future where anyone can bring their app ideas to life, effortlessly and elegantly.

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Edited by Shruti Thapa