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Elastic Devs: Bridging the Gap in the Tech Industry with Solutions for Web3 and Beyond

With a focus on development and empowering new IT professionals, Elastic Devs is crafting pathways that allow for both the enhancement of tech capabilities and the swift execution of projects.

In today's fast-paced tech industry, companies frequently grapple with keeping up-to-date on the latest technologies and trends. 

Such ongoing challenge is compounded by a scarcity of in-house expertise and the limitations of untrained new hires. As a result, there are delays in project timelines and a strain on resources that could be better allocated towards innovation and strategic growth.

This gap in the market between large, expensive players with slow turnaround times and smaller, more affordable yet less effective alternatives, is substantial and growing.

To dive deeper into how these challenges are being tackled in the industry, we spoke with Aditya Bharti, Co-Founder and Head of Blockchain at Elastic Devs.

Bridging Gaps in the Industry

Innovative solutions like Elastic Devs have emerged in response to this market dilemma. Founded by Shailesh Narayan and Aditya Bharti, Elastic Dev employs a strategy that is vital for startups and established firms alike, providing them with the agility needed to develop minimum viable products (MVPs) efficiently. 

By focusing on development and empowering new IT professionals, Elastic Devs is crafting pathways that allow for both the enhancement of tech capabilities and the swift execution of projects. 

“India boasts a growing IT market with a wealth of underutilized fresh talent. We actively seek passionate individuals with exceptional technical skills who aspire to excel in the field,” said Bharti.

Elastic Devs also offers a lifeline to non-tech founders, who often struggle with complex decisions regarding development processes and tech stack selections.

"A lot of brilliant ideas get lost in the maze of technical complexities. Non-tech founders in particular can feel swamped by development challenges, the cost involved, and the daunting task of selecting the right tech stack. This distraction can really take their focus away from what should be their main priorities: core business strategies and their go-to-market plans," added Bharti.

What's More Cooking at Elastic Devs?

To delve deeper into Elastic Devs' role within the broader Web3 ecosystem and to uncover what's next for the company, we posed a few more questions to Bharti.

Following is an excerpt from the interview:

Newzchain: What are the core services or products that Elastic Devs currently offers? Additionally, are there any new projects or products in the pipeline that you are particularly excited about?

Bharti: We are into Web2 and Web3. We have expertise in Fintech, supply chain, blockchain, and quick commerce. Our technical expertise spans multiple tech stacks including Python, ReactJS, AWS, Docker, MySQL, Java, Flutter, Solidity, and Ethereum.

Also, our passion lies in deep tech, building innovative products, and helping businesses scale effectively and we are committed to making a significant impact. For instance, we have successfully digitized and streamlined the entire business operations of a company in the gas industry, which previously operated only offline. Additionally, we are developing a groundbreaking MVP for a startup in the EdTech industry. 

Newzchain: What specific problem does Elastic Devs aim to solve in the Web3 industry? How do you differentiate your approach from that of your competitors?

Bharti: Despite the volatile nature of the crypto market, our focus is steadfastly on the future. We're always tuned into the latest trends, and with Web3 rapidly gaining momentum, we're strategically positioned to assist promising Web3 startups in developing their MVPs—the first functional versions of their products.

We're highly selective, partnering only with startups we see as truly promising. What sets us apart is our token-sharing model with these startups, showing our commitment to their success by sharing in the risks and rewards. This approach helps startups to overcome the initial hurdles of MVP development and realize their full potential.

Newzchain: Looking ahead, how do you envision the company evolving over the next five to ten years, and what new markets or areas might you explore?

Bharti: Our mission centers on solving tech problems and nurturing new talent. We are committed to empowering the disorganized tech market, which is brimming with untapped talent. We aim to establish a practical, high-quality, and scalable system that will positively and sustainably impact the future of technology.

Additionally, we are excited to explore emerging fields such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotics.

Shaping Tomorrow

As the tech industry continues to evolve, the role of startups like Elastic Devs becomes increasingly crucial. The global tech industry, valued at approximately $5.3 trillion, has witnessed significant growth​. 

However, despite the high stakes and challenges, with a general startup failure rate hovering around 90%​​, the innovation and agility that companies like Elastic Devs bring are vital. They not only contribute to economic dynamism but also push the boundaries of technological advancement, making them essential for navigating the complexities of modern markets and harnessing emerging technologies such as AI and blockchain.

Edited by Harshajit Sarmah