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Arcana - Needleless Sewing Kit

  • Arcana Network aims to enhance user data privacy and security in the Web3 transition.
  • Web3 enables data control through public wallets, but authentication complexity arises with cryptographic keys.
  • Its products include Auth SDK and Wallet for Web3 apps, prioritizing privacy. Plans encompass user-friendly onboarding and a decentralized data storage ecosystem.

How would life be if you couldn't sign up for any website be it a newsletter or Amazon? Imagine not being able to put things in your cart and more over no privacy at all. Imagine your Gpay wallets not being secured by a password or screen lock.

I am sure you can imagine a digital massacre in this digital world right? Now, the person behind adding these attributes to a website or application is known as a developer. The developer needs tools to do the same.

This is where a company called Arcana comes into the picture.

What is Arcana Network?

Since its inception, Arcana Network has been steadfastly committed to the complex mission of streamlining user data privacy and fortifying it with all-encompassing security measures. Arcana Network's expansive goal extends beyond user authentication to include data protection and access control as well.

They are currently concentrating all of their strategic efforts on figuring out how to simplify user authentication since they understand how important it is for laying a solid foundation.

With this foundation established, their trajectory is in line with the big goal of creating a comprehensive, decentralized Web3 data storage ecosystem.

So, what is the role of web3? 

Web3 gives individuals control over their data and allows interactions via public wallet addresses. Data control, privacy, dApp access, and blockchain engagement all depend on user authentication.

However, moving from Web2 to Web3 necessitates handling cryptographic keys, which adds complexity to the current environment of cryptocurrency vulnerabilities.

The foundational ideas of Privacy by Design, a philosophy highlighting the network's commitment to integrating privacy issues into every aspect of its operations, serve as the guide for this journey.

Arcana Network develops a story of user data stewardship through this lens aligned with their profound beliefs on ethical data management and is both safeguarded and naturally communicated. Their business model will help in understanding the technicalities involved, in a simpler way: 

Source: Arcana Technical Paper

Since they are considered the heroes and saviors of Developers, let's understand their products and their choices. 

There are primarily two main products - Arcana Auth and Wallet 

Under Arcana Auth there are two main segments: Arcana Auth SDK (Software Development Kit) and Arcana Developer Dashboard

Arcana Auth Software Development Kit (SDK) (Source: Arcana)

Think of a sewing kit as being similar to the Arcana Auth SDK for Web3 apps. This sewing kit makes it simple for apps to welcome users to join them. The non-custodial Web3 wallet is a specific little sewing machine that is within. On various fabrics (supporting blockchains), it enables authenticated individuals to perform custom sewing (blockchain transactions).

Craft club leaders (developers) must go to a Crafters' Hub (the Arcana Developer Dashboard) to make this sewing kit functional. They create accounts and set up their apps for crafting.

A unique ID, similar to a club membership card, is given to each project. This ID is a covert code that enables the sewing kit (SDK) and craft projects to communicate with one another.

Source: Arcana Technical Paper

Arcana Developer Dashboard

The Arcana Developer Dashboard functions as the command center for a crafting club, where club leaders (developers) register their projects and prepare them for users (crafters).

They carefully set up the crafting project to suit the kinds of crafts they're doing, the participants they are inviting, and the mood they want the crafting process to have.

This dashboard also communicates with the Arcana Gateway node, a unique club assistant. It resembles the wizard in the background who reviews the specifics of the crafting project and ensures that everything is configured appropriately. It ensures that the sewing machines (non-custodial Web3 wallets) are prepared to sew (manage blockchain transactions) at any time.

But there's more magic in the dashboard; it may even display the number of people who actively use the app each month. This is comparable to keeping track of the buddies who attend the meetings of the handicraft group. This enables craft leaders to gauge the level of interest and satisfaction among their participants.

Therefore, the Arcana Developer Dashboard and the Gateway node work together to create a terrific Web3 app experience, just as the club dashboard and the behind-the-scenes helper make the crafts club awesome!

Source: Arcana Technical Paper

Arcana Wallet (Source: Arcana)

Think of the Arcana Wallet as a chic apron for crafts. It may be customized to fit the style of your crafting group and is welcoming and secure. Users don't require complicated passwords or secret tools (cryptographic keys). This apron employs distributed key protocol's (DKP) magic threads to stitch objects together covertly.

Crafters (Web3 users) can display their unique crafting badge (decentralized identity) with pride by wearing this apron. The Arcana wallet provides a slick design for using Web3 apps, just like the apron does for crafts!

Source: Arcana Technical Paper

At this point, it is evident to ask and know what makes Arcana different from the rest. What are the limits/ extents until Mayur Relekar, Aravindh Kumar, and Abhishek Chaudhary (Founders) decide to go? 

Source: Arcana Network

Other than being a standout in this area, it has successfully made its ecosystem within different segments and communities. (Source: Arcana)

At the end of the day, there are two plan deliverables from Arcana’s end in order to access their services: Launch Plan and Premium Integration Support.

Source: Arcana Network

Well, with the developing features and needs of consumers, I am sure that their sewing kit isn't going to stop expanding - more and more features would be added in order to achieve the expectations of the market. But I hope, it doesn’t turn out to be too late for that!!

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Edited by Shruti Thapa