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Worldcoin's Orb Device to Get a Makeover

  • Tools for Humanity, behind Worldcoin's Orb, plans a new look with alternative colors and friendlier form factors.
  • The upgraded Orb, set for the first half of the year, aims for a more approachable appearance resembling Apple products.
  • Tools for Humanity has raised $250 million from investors like a16z and Bain Capital Crypto, gaining attention in crypto and VC.

It has been a little over 180 days since Worldcoin launched publicly. Alex Blania, CEO and co-founder of Tools for Humanity shared exclusively with TechCrunch that the futuristic Orb device is getting an upgrade. 

Blania mentioned during a fireside chat that the next iterations of the Orb will have a different look. The new Orb, set to be released in the first half of this year, will come in alternative colors and form factors to appear more friendly and similar to an Apple product.

Tools for Humanity, the company behind Worldcoin, has raised around $250 million from investors such as a16z and Bain Capital Crypto. The Orb device, known for scanning people's irises to assign them a "World ID," has gained attention in the venture capital and crypto spaces. 

During its testing phase, the project focused on gaining popularity in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Nairobi, Kenya; Lisbon, Portugal; and Bangalore, India. This led to criticism from some who claimed it was only targeting developing economies. 

Additionally, Worldcoin embarked on a global tour last year, visiting major cities like Tokyo, Miami, New York City, and San Francisco to expand its presence.

Blania stated, "Our goal is simple. We aim to reach billions of users as quickly as possible."

Edited by Shruti Thapa