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Our mission is to radically transform the media landscape for startups. We are developing a decentralized media platform that will empower visionaries, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts in the tech industry.

Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain and AI technologies, we're building a dependable, ad-free sanctuary where our community can share and explore verified news and stories within the tech realm.

Our platform is tailor-made for early-stage startups. It gives them a special place to show their accomplishments, tell their stories, and reach people all over the world.

Token Overview

Newzchain (NEWZ) is an ERC-20 token on Arbitrum Mainnet.
Address: 0x86b98BDAa35fb97b189ba6B7A0F03539B48AeaBD
Total Supply: 10B NEWZ

Token Distribution
Max Supply10,000,000,000
Team16%1,600,000,00012 months cliff, linear vesting for 36 months.
Advisors4%400,000,0006 months cliff, linear vesting for 36 months.
Development and Ecosystem Growth18%1,800,000,00015% liquid on TGE, linear vesting for 36 months.
Content Creators and Contributors15%1,500,000,00015% liquid on TGE, linear vesting for 36 months.
Liquidity and Exchange Listings10%1,000,000,000TBD
Staking and Rewards10%1,000,000,0003 months cliff, linear vesting for 36 months.
Reserve Fund10%1,000,000,000Linear vesting for 36 months.
Airdrops1%100,000,000No Vesting
Public Sale (IEO)6%600,000,000Fully unlocked on TGE
Public Sale (IDO)5%500,000,00025% liquid on TGE, linear vesting for 12 months.
Angle & Seed Investors5%500,000,00010% liquid on TGE, linear vesting for 24 months.

The project’s goals regarding the NEWZ token are as follows:

Token utilities
Content Monetization and RewardsContent creators, writers, and journalists to earn NEWZ tokens as rewards for publishing high-quality articles, videos, or other media content on the platform. This will encourage engagement and contribution from a wide range of creators.
Subscription AccessPremium subscription plans where users can pay with NEWZ tokens to access exclusive content, premium features, or ad-free browsing. This creates a direct link between token holding and platform utility
Content CrowdfundingEnable users to fund content creation projects by contributing NEWZ tokens to their favorite creators. This can be done through a crowdfunding mechanism where creators set funding goals for their projects.
NFT IntegrationIntegration of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with our platform. Content creators could tokenize their articles, art, or other digital assets as NFTs, with ownership rights and royalties paid in NEWZ tokens.
Loyalty ProgramsA loyalty program that rewards frequent users and contributors with NEWZ tokens. Users who engage with the platform regularly, refer others, or achieve specific milestones can earn tokens.
Marketplace for Startup ServicesA marketplace where startups and service providers can offer their services and products in exchange for NEWZ tokens. This can include services like marketing, design, legal, and more.
Ad Campaigns and PromotionBrands and startups can purchase ad space and promotional services using NEWZ tokens. Offer discounts or incentives for using NEWZ for advertising on your platform
Exclusive Events and NetworkingVirtual events, webinars, or networking opportunities for startups and users, with access granted through NEWZ token ownership. Hold exclusive events like hackathons and conferences for token holders
Content Licensing and SyndicationEnable content creators to license their content to other platforms or publications using NEWZ tokens, opening up opportunities for content syndication and additional revenue streams
Integration with Other DeFi ProtocolsIntegrations with decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols allow users to stake, lend, or borrow NEWZ tokens, potentially earning interest or rewards.
Voting and GovernanceGovernance system, where token holders can vote on platform upgrades, content guidelines, or community decisions. Token holders who participate in governance may earn rewards or have a say in platform decisions
Staking for Exclusive FeaturesAllow users to stake NEWZ tokens in exchange for access to premium features, such as advanced analytics, early access to content, or personalized recommendations.
Ecosystem Growth FundA portion of the token supply will be allocated to an ecosystem growth fund that supports startups, projects, or initiatives that align with Newzchain's mission. Grants and funding can be distributed in NEWZ tokens

Important User Information and Disclaimers

Cryptocurrency products carry inherent risks, and regulatory frameworks are uncertain in many regions. Losses incurred in $NEWZ transactions may not have legal remedies. $NEWZ's value can fluctuate significantly and result in complete loss.

Additionally, Newzchain's technologies, including the $NEWZ token, are experimental and may not function as intended. This content does not constitute investment advice or an offer to sell or buy $NEWZ tokens.

The legality of holding, buying, or selling $NEWZ tokens may vary by location, and compliance with local laws is your responsibility. $NEWZ tokens may not be available to U.S. residents and certain restricted regions.

This document includes forward-looking statements based on current expectations, subject to risks that could lead to outcomes different from those expressed or implied. Readers should exercise caution and not overly rely on these statements. The content is current as of the document's date.