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Nosh: Redefining Home Cooking with AI-Powered Robots

  • Euphotic Labs introduces Nosh, an AI-driven cooking robot that makes home-cooked meals accessible for urbanites.
  • Nosh's founders, inspired by a craving for authentic cuisine, automate cooking, pivoting from cloud kitchens to consumers.
  • Priced at INR 50,000, Nosh plans to deploy 5,000 robots by 2024, competing in the global kitchen robotics market.

With Nosh, an AI-enabled cooking robot, Bengaluru's Euphotic Labs is turning kitchen dreams into reality. Founded in 2018 by Yatin Varachhia, Sudeep Gupta, and Amit Kumar Gupta, Nosh targets busy urbanites, providing the joy of home-cooked meals without fuss.

Cravings Birth Innovation

Nosh's genesis lies in the culinary cravings of its founders, Yatin Varachhia and his wife. Yearning for authentic Gujarati cuisine, they birthed Nosh to automate the cooking process and bring flavorsome meals to every household.

From Cloud Kitchens to Consumers

After an initial foray into cloud kitchens, Nosh pivoted back to its roots, catering to the broader consumer market. With over 1,000 pre-orders and 4,500 eager customers, Nosh is set to deliver culinary bliss with zilch marketing spending.

Affordable Innovation

Priced at INR 40,000 for pre-orders, Nosh plans to hit the market at INR 50,000 per robot. The startup's lean approach, backed by $1 million in seed funding, ensures cost efficiency with an impressive cap table.

Future Feast: 5,000 Robots by 2024

Looking ahead, Nosh's eyes will be deploying 5,000 cooking robots by 2024, marking a significant leap in the kitchen robotics market. Focusing on training AI in diverse recipes, Nosh aims to tantalize taste buds globally.

Global Kitchen Robotics Arena

In a competitive landscape, Nosh faces off against Nymble and Mechanical Chef in India, while global giants like Samsung and NVIDIA dominate the US and European markets. As kitchen robots take center stage, Nosh is poised for a delectable journey in the culinary tech space.

Edited by Shruti Thapa