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Flasho: Your AI Co-Pilot for User Insights

  • AI co-pilot for product teams, Flasho conducts empathetic user interviews instantly, transforming insights at the speed of thought.
  • Flasho breaks the mold, providing rich user insights, distilling transcripts, and making every product decision strategic.
  • Backed by Y Combinator, Flasho isn’t just a startup; it's the evolution of user interviews, promising to be the ally every product team needs.

Revolutionizing user interviews for product teams

Flasho, born in 2023 in the vibrant tech landscape of Bengaluru, India, is not just an AI; it's the future of user interviews. Founded by Jhansi Elango and Vivek Nautiyal, Flasho takes the reins of user interviews. It moderates thousands simultaneously and provides insights at the speed of thought.

AI with a human touch

In the realm of customer-obsessed product teams, Flasho emerges as the co-pilot you never knew you needed. Its AI agent, trained to be empathetic, engages users in conversations that mirror human interactions. Asking intelligent follow-ups, seeking clarifications, and delving deeper to understand the "why." Flasho unveils the motivations behind every user's actions.

Breaking the mold

Product teams often find themselves at a crossroads, spending time and resources on features that might miss the mark. Enter Flasho. It caters to the needs of those who don't have the luxury of conducting user interviews regularly. While quick surveys, metrics, and intuition play a role, they fall short of providing the depth that qualitative research can offer. Flasho steps in, conducting thousands of user interviews instantly, providing rich insights into customer thoughts and habits.

From transcripts to insights in seconds

Flasho's magic lies in its ability to analyze transcripts, create quick summaries, identify themes, and highlight powerful customer quotes. It distills key insights, ensuring that product decisions are not shots in the dark but well-informed moves backed by direct feedback.

Continuous user interviews

With Flasho, staying on top of user preferences is a breeze. Every product decision becomes a strategic move, rooted in real-time user feedback. Whether validating hypotheses, exploring new products, understanding pain points, creating a go-to-market strategy, designing a product roadmap, or seeking general product feedback—Flasho has it covered.

Built by product people for product people

Flasho is not just another AI; it's a creation by product people for product people. The AI agent's humanlike conversations resonate with the nuances of genuine user interactions. It's as if you're talking to a fellow human, one who understands the intricacies of product development.

Superhuman analysis of transcripts

Flasho takes the tedious out of transcript analysis. In seconds, it creates concise summaries, identifies recurring themes, brings attention to impactful customer quotes, and distills the essence into key insights. It's not just speed; it's the efficiency and depth that Flasho brings to the table.

Venturing into tomorrow

Flasho's journey includes a Venture - Series Unknown round in March 2020, with Y Combinator backing its innovative vision. As it stands, Flasho isn’t just a startup. It is a leap into the future of user interviews, promising to be an indispensable ally for product teams worldwide.

In a world where user insights shape the trajectory of products, Flasho illuminates the path to a user-centric future. This isn’t just AI; it's the evolution of user interviews, designed to make every conversation count.

Edited by Shruti Thapa