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Cococart- No code, no design, just sales magic

  • Online selling for businesses worldwide, from home bakers to bustling restaurants.
  • Meet Derek Low, CEO, and Zhicong (Z) Lim, CTO, driving Cococart's innovation with a mission to simplify online selling.
  • A platform offering free POS, reservations, marketing magic, loyalty programs, and versatile selling.

The world is dominated by digital transactions. It's a place where 200 million businesses still rely on WhatsApp and phone orders, and Cococart emerges as the savior for local enterprises. Imagine setting up an online store with no code, no design hassles, and no app downloads – that's the simplicity Cococart brings to the table. Whether you're a home baker, a local crafter, or a bustling restaurant, Cococart is crafting an all-in-one platform tailored for you.

The visionaries behind Cococart

Derek Low is the founder and CEO of Cococart. He is a serial entrepreneur with a stellar track record. Having founded and successfully led Basecamp Bali, an award-winning hotel in Indonesia, Derek brings a wealth of experience in business and hospitality.

His innovative projects, such as the Berkeley Ridiculously Automated Dorm, have garnered international acclaim. A UC Berkeley graduate in Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences, Derek's vision is to simplify online selling for businesses worldwide.

Driving Cococart's technological prowess is Zhicong (Z) Lim, the CTO and co-founder. With a background that includes experience at Dropbox, Figma, and Essential, Z is a seasoned software engineer and product manager. His honors degree from UC Berkeley in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, coupled with a minor in Mechanical Engineering, underscores his technical acumen.

Z is committed to making Cococart a seamless and powerful platform for local businesses.

Cococart: The all-in-one platform for local heroes

Cococart is on a mission to empower local businesses to accept online orders with ease. The platform's genius lies in its simplicity – no apps or marketplaces with exorbitant fees and commissions. It's an all-in-one solution, offering a range of features to streamline sales, marketing, and operations.

What Cococart brings to the table:

- Free POS System: Manage both retail and online orders effortlessly.

- Reservations and Appointments: Simplify your scheduling processes.

- Marketing Magic: Send targeted marketing emails to boost your business.

- Loyalty Programs: Keep your customers coming back for more.

- Payment Paradise: Collect payments seamlessly.

- Versatile Selling: Whether you're a restaurant, a retail store, a salon, or a service provider, Cococart accommodates all.

Why Cococart stands out?

Cococart is not just an online store; it's a game-changer consolidating various tools into one affordable package. From online stores to POS systems, bookings, inventory management, email marketing, loyalty programs, and more – Cococart has it all, starting from just $9/month.

Join the Cococart revolution:

For businesses drowning in a sea of apps, Cococart is the lifeline. Derek, Z, and the entire Cococart team are on a mission to transform how local businesses approach online selling. With simplicity, affordability, and a robust set of features, Cococart is the key to unlocking the full potential of businesses worldwide.

Ready to embrace the future of online selling? Cococart is here to make it happen.

Edited by Shruti Thapa