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Autone: Powering Retail Precision with Data Mastery

  • Data Mastery in Retail: Autone, founded by Adil Bouhdadi and Harry Cheslaw, revolutionizes retail with a modular data platform, enhancing decision-making precision.
  • Inventory Management Gem: Autone's star product, the Inventory Management Platform, navigates realms of optimization, forecasting, and demand planning, shaping retail efficiency.
  • Leadership Prowess: With Adil's luxury fashion background and Harry's expertise, Autone competes with industry rivals, securing $6.78M in funding from prominent investors.

Unveiling Autone: Crafting Retail Brilliance Through Data Precision

In the bustling realm of retail evolution, Autone emerges as a beacon of innovation. Established in 2021 by industry virtuosos Adil Bouhdadi and Harry Cheslaw, this London-based company is rewriting the rules of inventory management with its cutting-edge modular data platform.

The Autone symphony: Empowering retail decision-making

Data-Driven Brilliance: Autone's raison d'être lies in arming retail and consumer goods enterprises with a modular data platform that transforms decision-making.

This dynamic duo of Adil Bouhdadi and Harry Cheslaw weaves their extensive retail experience into Autone's DNA, crafting a platform that facilitates optimal decisions at lightning speed.

Autone's pinnacle: The inventory management platform

Navigating Retail Realms: Autone's star product, the Inventory Management Platform, is a multifaceted gem. It delves into inventory optimization, forecasting, ordering, supplier performance, and demand planning.

Acting as an intelligence layer, it converts raw data into decisions, laying the groundwork for improved performance and efficiency.

The maestros behind Autone's rise

Adil Bouhdadi and Harry Cheslaw: With a history etched in the retail tapestry, Adil's journey through luxury fashion in Paris, New York, and London laid the groundwork for Autone.

In 2020, he joined forces with Harry Cheslaw to sculpt Autone's mission: scaling retail and consumer goods businesses through precise understanding, planning, and forecasting.

Rivals in the Arena: Autone faces off against industry contenders like Flieber, NETSTOCK, Thrive Technologies, Fuse Inventory, and Increff. The company has fortified its position with a funding infusion of $6.78M from heavyweights like Seedcamp, Speedinvest, Y Combinator, Kima Ventures, and Motier Ventures.

Success stories: Redefining retail excellence

Performance Amplified: Autone's success tales echo in its ability to elevate retail and consumer goods performances. By unraveling the intricacies of sales and operation flows, Autone becomes an indispensable ally in the pursuit of scalability and efficiency.

Mission unveiled: Revolutionizing inventory dynamics

Autone's Vision: Though specifics on Autone's mission statement elude us, its purpose comes alive through the data symphony it orchestrates. Autone's mission is to revolutionize inventory management, ushering in an era of precision for retail and consumer goods businesses.

Through a platform that seamlessly integrates data, generates recommendations, and accelerates decision-making, Autone envisions a landscape of improved performance, cost savings, and waste reduction.

In the heart of London, Autone stands tall—a testament to the marriage of retail acumen and technological finesse. As the retail saga unfolds, Autone's modular data platform emerges not just as a tool but as a transformative force, sculpting the future of inventory management.

Edited by Shruti Thapa